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At Floral Preservation and More, we preserve the memories that you have created in those most special events in your life.  We specialize in preserving your flowers to create beautiful, asting keepsakes that you will cherish for many years to come.  Some of our specialties include -

Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouquets, Bridal Party Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces, Mothers' Flowers and More

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Creations

Funeral and Memorial Flower Preservation

Graduation and Anniversary Keepsakes

​Prom, Engagement and Much, Much More

They're More Than Just Flowers...

They're Precious Memories!

Floral Preservation and More

Flower Preservation in St. Louis

Before your flowers get to Floral Preservation and More

You cand o a lot to make sure your keepsake beautiful! Believe it or not, something as small as toughing a petal with your finger can cause the flower to wilt from the oils in your skin.  Here are some tips to remember before you bring your flowers to Floral Preservation and More..

Try not ot touch the flower petals - As stated above, toughing your flowers many not show damage right awsy.  However, a simple touch can start the deterioration process faster than normal.  If you need to move your flowers throughout the day, or if you are in a wedding, try to always keep your hands on the  handle or stems, not the flower petals.

Start the preservation process as soon as possible - There are many ways to start preserving your flowers once you are not using them anymore.  You know that little packet of "plabt food" that comes with cut flowers? Well, you may bot receive it for your wedding ceremony, but ask your florist for one!  That feeds your flowers while they are just sitting there in a vase.

Keep your arrangement or flowoer our of direct sunlight and/or excessive heat to avoid pre-mature wilting.

If possible, try to keep flowers out of the extreme temperature changes.  Going from extremely hot conditions directly into freezing considions will cause pre-mature wilting as well.

​As a rule, try to treat your flowers as if they were the most expensive item of your event.  This way, the flower will not only look their best throughout your event, but when they arrive to us as well!


For best results, set up a time for a member of Floral Preservation and More's team to come to your event and pick your flowers up for you!